3 Signs Your Air-Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced – What to Know

Oct 29, 2022

3 Signs Your Air-Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced – What to Know

3 Signs Your Air-Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

I  f there is one question we all have about our air-conditioning units, it is this: when should I replace my AC? This is an important question to ask because, first, you would not want an inefficient AC running. That would mean that the machine is using up more power than normal, and your room won’t be as cool as you’d like it to be. Second, ACs are expensive to replace, so you do not want to prematurely replace the unit when there is nothing wrong with it.

Airconditioning units can last anywhere from ten to twenty years, making it hard for you to know precisely when to replace it. However, there is an easy way to figure out, and that is by keeping an eye out for the following signs:

1. You are spending more on energy

If you are finding that you are slowly spending more and more money on electricity and your habits have barely ever changed, it might be because your AC is sapping more power to cool down your house. While this is okay to a certain extent, if you find that the bill is just way too high to keep going, then it is time to replace the unit.

If you want to be sure that the AC is the cause of the rise in energy bills, you can run a home energy audit. This will help you identify the cause of the increase. If it is in fact the AC, replace it with one that has a symbol to indicate energy efficiency, such as an Energy Star.

2. The repairs are too frequent

While your AC will need some maintenance throughout its lifespan to ensure it works well, if you find that it needs repairs too often, then you know that the AC is getting old.

Remember, these costs add up over the years. If you find yourself paying half the price of a new system for a repair, then shell out some extra money for a new AC instead.

3. There is an odd smell

Your air conditioner should never emit any unusual odors. If it does, there is something you need to fix. For instance, if you smell something moldy or burning, have an AC repair specialist investigate your unit. There might be a problem that, often, can easily be repaired.

If the repair guy comes to you telling you that the cost of fixing the aircon is too high, a replacement might be a better alternative. However, you might want to delay this by making sure to have the AC serviced a few times a year, at least twice. This prevents any problems from becoming too significant and allows your machine to enjoy a longer lifespan.


Other than the signs we have shared with you so far, there are plenty of others that can signify that your AC is getting old and needs to be replaced. Weird noises as well as the machine’s inability to cool the house down, while should be checked first by a technician, are signs that your aircon is getting old.

When the time comes to replace the AC, purchase one from a reputable brand and one with logos indicating it is energy-efficient. This investment will pay off in costs saved over time.

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