4 Heating Installation Options to Consider for Your Home

Oct 29, 2022

4 Heating Installation Options to Consider for Your Home

4 Heating Installation Options to Consider for Your Home

O  ne of the biggest responsibilities you have as a homeowner is making sure that your home is constantly maintained. This means that all your decors are in order, you have all the supplies you need, and your HVAC system is working at its best. But when it comes to HVAC-related issues, there are a bunch of questions floating around in the air that still confuses a bunch of homeowners.

What’s the best type of heating system for my home? How do heating systems work? How do I repair them?

All these questions are valid. And if you’re looking for the best heating system for your home, the answer relies on your budget and where you live. Because there are a few types of heating systems to choose from, it’s understandable that you may feel quite overwhelmed. Fortunately, you can ask for assistance from HVAC companies in Toronto, Ontario, like Temp-A-Sure, to help you with all your HVAC needs.

If you’re planning to install an HVAC system for your new home or you think it’s time to get an upgrade, keep reading. Knowing the different kinds of heating installation options can help you choose the best type of system for your home. Let’s take a look!

Types of Heating Systems


Often referred to as forced-air systems, furnaces are among the most common heating systems you’ll find in various households. This system could be powered by either gas or electricity, both of which works by blowing heated air through the home’s duct system.

Although furnaces rank relatively high on the energy efficiency scale, once you’ve installed a furnace in your home, your heating bill may go berserk. This is because the cost to run a furnace will greatly depend on the price of fuel your system uses. But if you want to push through with getting a furnace, gas furnaces are much cheaper to operate than electric ones.

Besides that, you should also note that HVAC system technology changes quite rapidly, but just because your furnace is a few years behind doesn’t mean you need to replace it altogether. Instead of thinking of replacements, speak to experts regarding furnace maintenance in Toronto to ensure that your existing unit is installed with new energy-efficient components.

The great thing about furnaces is that they’re not difficult to find since they’re widely available. And because they’re accessible, finding a qualified technician to help you with repairs and maintenance won’t be an issue. Additionally, furnace heating systems are more economic, so if you’re looking for a smart way to heat your home, consider this type of heating system.


People often mistake boilers for furnaces, but they are two completely different systems. The biggest difference that boilers and furnaces have is that boilers heat water using natural gas, electricity, or propane. The heated water is then transferred to areas of your home through radiators and baseboard heaters.

People like boiler heating systems because the heat it gives off is much gentler and less drying than furnace systems. Additionally, since boilers don’t use blowers to disperse heat, you won’t have to worry about allergens flying around your home.

If we’re speaking about the cost, boiler installation may be quite pricey compared to a furnace. However, boilers are just as energy-efficient as their dry-heat counterpart, and you can also have them retrofitted to keep up with new HVAC trends.

A boiler system is the best option for you if you want a non-allergenic heating system, an incredibly energy-efficient setup, and if you want to stay away from dry heat.

Radiating Heating System

A radiant heating system is another fantastic option if you want systems that produce non-allergenic and gentle heat. This type of system is often installed underneath your floors, and some units can also be installed on your walls and ceiling.

Since creating heat by circulating hot water can be too hefty on the budget, most people opt for this hydronic radiant heating solution as it is the cost-effective choice.

You can’t install a radiant heating system on a whim. Unfortunately, because you need the tubing and cabling to be installed underneath the floor, major construction is necessary. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your flooring, now is the best time to install a radiant heating system as well.

Radiant heating systems work if you have tile flooring because it can help provide adequate heat for your home’s needs. Besides that, this type of heating system is also energy-efficient, it doesn’t use a blower to emit heat, and it keeps your floor warm during the cold season.

Heat Pumps

Popular in locations where harsh winters don’t normally happen, heat pumps provide sensible heat using refrigerants to absorb heat from outdoor sources, such as the air, a body of water, or the ground. It then goes through heat exchange to transfer the collected heat indoors. A notable feature about this system is that it can even reverse the heat it provides air conditioning, making this system the perfect all-day option.

If you want to control your bills during the cold weather, traditional heat pumps are a practical option, especially if you get dual-fuel heat pumps. Dual-fuel heat pumps are great because, during cold weather, heat pump systems may lose their efficacy, but dual-fuel systems quickly switch to gas to heat your home.

Heat pumps are a great option if you’re looking for energy-efficient HVAC systems for temperate weather, if you’re looking for year-round heating and cooling, and if you’re looking to save on water and energy bills.

The Bottom Line: There is a Heating System Perfect For Any Home

Buying a home heating system is a considerable investment and a major decision. For this reason, you need to ensure that you’re doing enough research to find out what exactly your home needs. Thankfully, you can speak to industry experts and HVAC companies in Toronto, Ontario, to help you go through the options and to help you with the whole installation process down to its maintenance.

How Can Temp-A-Sure Help You?

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