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4 Signs Your Ductless AC Needs Repair (Troubleshooting Steps)

Air Conditioner Repairs
Air Conditioner Repairs

4 Signs Your Ductless AC Needs Repair (Troubleshooting Steps)

Is your ductless mini-split not cooling? That is just one sign that it needs repair. There are many more potential problems that you should notice as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your ductless air conditioner. Working through the list below can help you identify if your ductless AC needs repair and whether you can troubleshoot it on your own, or whether you should reach out to the professionals.

1. The Controls are Not Responsive


Mini-split AC troubleshooting should start with the controls. If your mini-split isn’t turning on, it should be a problem with the internal electrical working of the unit, and not just a problem with the cooling system. Unfortunately, as a homeowner, there is not much you can do to troubleshoot this issue by yourself as it involves electrical work.

2. The Unit Makes a Grinding or Other Noise

Any unusual noise coming from your ductless mini-split is a bad sign. Grinding is one of the worst because it could mean that one part is rubbing against the other, causing increasing damage to them both as time goes on. This is certainly an issue that you want to run by a professional–and it is wise to turn off the ductless unit in the meantime in order to avoid further damage.

3. There is Ice on the Outdoor Unit

Your ductless air conditioner has an outdoor unit just like other air conditioner types. If ice has gathered on this unit, it could indicate a few different problems with the unit. It is normal for there to be wetness here, but ice build-up will significantly undermine the performance of your unit or even stop it from working. You could clear off the ice, carefully, but you need a professional to fix the underlying issue so the ice will stop forming.

4. It Needs to be Reset

How do you reset a ductless air conditioner? It’s a fairly simple process but usually homeowners shouldn’t attempt it. If a ductless air conditioner needs to be reset that is often a sign that it has some kind of repair issue. When you reset the unit you only allow it to further damage itself before it shuts back down again.

Your Air Conditioning Bills Have Increased

Have you noticed that your air conditioning bills have gone up? Sometimes your ductless air conditioner has developed issues that can be repaired which will increase efficiency. Or it may have lost efficiency due to old age. How long do ductless AC systems last? It really depends on the model. But your HVAC technician can let you know if your system is approaching the end of its lifespan and if it is more efficient to simply replace it rather than repairing it.


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