6 Signs your Air Conditioning system needs service

Oct 29, 2022

6 Signs your Air Conditioning system needs service

6 Signs your Air Conditioning system needs service

With the weather warming up, we wanted to give those thinking about happier times (Summer, barbeque, baseball) a guide to follow in the off chance you start-up your AC early this season.

A faulty and inefficient air conditioning system needs attention unless you want your energy bills to rise. It might be challenging to determine, however, if the system truly requires professional help.

To help you decide, here are six signs that indicate your central air conditioner needs some tender loving care.

1. Output air is not cold

You might notice that your surroundings are still not cold, even if your unit is on full blast. When this happens, an AC repair is imminent. After all, why use a machine that doesn’t even do its job correctly? Running it will only consume electricity.

The leading cause of the lack of crisp air production is a defective air compressor or low refrigerant levels. If your AC is low on freon, that generally means you have a leak in your system and one of our trained service experts should take a look with special tools to find your issue.

Knowing the root cause lets you decide the next course of action, whether to repair it or buy a new unit completely.

2. Airflow from the outlet vent is poor

When the volume of air exiting the vent of your air conditioning system is low, the unit’s compressor is often the root of the problem. However, if only certain areas are getting cold, it could indicate a problem with the home’s ductwork, such as leakage or improper duct sizing. If you experience either of these two issues, contact professionals for help.

3. Problems with temperature accuracy

There are times when the cooling function of your AC works fine, but the accuracy of the temperature is a bit off. Even when the set temperature is set to a certain number, it could be offset by around 3-5 degrees. In this scenario, the thermostats are often the problem and you should immediately have them checked for recalibration or replace them entirely.

4. There is too much moisture

Moisture inside your windows and leakage are good indicators of an inevitable AC repair. There are two likely scenarios for leakage in your basement.

First, the leaking liquid could be a toxic refrigerant. The chemicals are hazardous to your family’s health and must be repaired right away. Second, floor water disposal drains might be blocked or broken, which causes the overflow of moisture.

Water leakage is not necessarily an urgent issue, but it still needs to be addressed to prevent rusting of parts and mold growth. Having an AC tune-up will prevent this 90% of the time.

5. You hear strange noises

When you hear some squealing, grating, or grinding noises coming from your air conditioner, immediately arrange to have your Air Conditioner serviced . Those noises imply a more deep-rooted and unseen problem inside.

The strange noises could mean several things. Sometimes, it’s a single belt that managed to slip out of place, or an equipment piece needs more lubrication. In rare cases, it could indicate that the bearing of your motor is damaged and needs repairs.

6. There are foul odors

When you smell an unfamiliar and ghastly pungent smell coming for your air conditioning system, it makes sense to suspect burnt wire insulation. In some cases, it could be mold growth inside your ducts. If this is so, it’s vital to have your system cleaned out as soon as possible as mold spores are hazardous to human health.


Perfect air conditioning systems that don’t require repairs sadly are yet to be invented. Until the day that magnificent invention emerges, homeowners need to know how to determine if their systems need repairs. This keeps the problem from escalating further and leaving you with repair costs ballooning into unthinkable numbers.

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