6 Tell-Tale Signs That Your AC Compressor Needs Repair

Oct 29, 2022

6 Tell-Tale Signs That Your AC Compressor Needs Repair

6 Signs that your AC Compressor needs Repair

Your cooling system at home is essential to your comfort, especially during the summer. The thing is, your AC system is comprised of various important parts that are prone to wear and damage.

For example, the compressor plays a significant role in how the machine operates. This component is where the refrigerant is placed, and the unit won’t be able to effectively cool your home if it’s broken.

As such, knowing how to catch early signs of issues with your compressor is essential. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye (or ears!) on:

1. Clicking or Ticking

If you notice a clicking or ticking sound as soon as you turn on your compressor, it usually means that there’s an issue with an electrical component. Putting it off may lead to the compressor not turning on at all anymore. Calling an HVAC professional can help address the issue before things get worse.

2. Rattling

A rattling noise that seems to come from the condenser cabinet may be an indicator that loose parts are clattering around. Besides that, it can also be an issue with the compressor or the fan.

3. Insufficient Cooling

The compressor is responsible for the cooling of your AC, which means that when there’s a problem with it, you may experience insufficient cooling in the house. There are several reasons for this, such as a shortage of refrigerant, a clogged air filter, or leaks in the ventilation system.

4. Decrease In Airflow

Lack of airflow may be difficult to detect at first. However, if you experience this, there might be a problem with the blower fan or the zone control system in your compressor.

5. Difficulty To Start

Do you take more time than necessary to turn on your AC? If that’s the case, that means that the compressor needs to draw extra power to overcome resistance when it’s on. However, this isn’t recommended because it may wear out the compressor and eventually cause it to burn out. To solve the issue, a hard starter kit must be attached to give an extra kick to the compressor.

6. Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the compressor turns on but then stops, it’s a strong indicator that the motor is overheating. Resetting the breaker and trying the machine again are not recommended. Instead, you should check for potential electrical issues in the compressor.


Compressor repairs or replacement can be costly, especially if you recently just purchased your AC system. As much as possible, you want to avoid any expenses that have to do with your AC system. An effective way to prevent this from happening is to catch the early signs of a problem so you can address it right away,

Another thing is to invest in regular maintenance to ensure that your system is working well. You can also look for service providers near you who can help you address your compressor issues and help with its maintenance. If you are not experienced in AC repairs, it’s best to leave these issues to the experts.

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