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Air Conditioning Installation

Start Off on the Right Track with Expert Air Conditioning Installation in North York

If you want maximum performance and energy efficiency from your new air conditioner, it just makes sense to opt for professional air conditioning installation in North York. By choosing a professional installer, you get the benefit of their knowledge, skills, and experience. They can put in the new unit in the right way so that it cools your home evenly to the temperature you desire and performs as efficiently as it was designed to do.

Key Elements of Professional Air Conditioning Installation

Do-it-yourself installation is a poor substitute for calling on a tried and true professional HVAC specialist. Several tasks must be performed precisely if you want to get the best your new AC unit has to offer. First, the installer must calculate the right size of air conditioner for the area you’re cooling. They have to ensure that all the ducts are properly sealed. They need to check the air flow through the supply and return air registers. After they get the unit into place and properly connected to electricity and vents, it’s paramount that they charge it with exactly the right amount of refrigerant.

Depend on the Best HVAC Company in North York for Top-Flight Cooling System Installations

Get on the right track with your new cooling system when you choose air conditioning installation in North York from the friendly and proficient installers at Tempasure HVAC. When you do, your home will be cool and comfortable both immediately after the installation is complete and in the months and years ahead.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Units Start with Proper Installation

Whether you’re putting a central air conditioner or a ductless air conditioner, proper air conditioning installation requires specialized knowledge and skills. If any of the installation steps are skipped or done inaccurately, your system’s energy efficiency will suffer. If your unit is the wrong size, it could be five percent less efficient. If your ductwork isn’t sealed well, it could cause as much as a 15 percent decline in energy efficiency. With inadequate air flow, you’ll waste about three percent of the unit’s energy consumption. And, with the wrong amount of refrigerant, you could throw away four percent of the energy it uses. When you put all these figures together, you can see that the energy loss is substantial when your AC unit isn’t installed correctly.

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