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Furnace Humidification: The Right Way to Avoid Drying Out at Home This Winter

Winter comes with frigid weather here in Toronto. You bundle up in thick winter coats, scarves, and gloves, but the freezing temperatures are unrelenting. Fortunately, you can go inside and warm up as long as your furnace is working properly. Not so fortunately, though, you may be going into a very dry environment inside your home. The good news is that with proper furnace humidification, you can avoid all the problems associated with dry winter air in your home.

What’s So Bad About Dry Air?

Dry winter air is really irritating – in more ways than one. When the air in your home is too dry, your skin gets itchy, flaky, or can even develop small cracks. Your throat gets sore and your voice gets hoarse. Your sinuses dry out and you end up having a cold that just won’t go away. Your nose is constantly itchy and you may have nosebleeds. Your lips crack and bleed, making talking, smiling, and eating a bit painful. Dryness also causes static electricity, which makes clothing and blankets stick together and causes small, stinging shocks whenever you touch a doorknob.

But dry air is more than a simple annoyance. As your upper respiratory system dries out, it becomes harder for the membranes in your nose and throat to catch dust, bacteria, and viruses to keep them out of your lungs. When they can’t do that, you can become sick very soon. Dust allergies flare, making you miserable all winter long. Dry, cracked skin can easily become infected. Dry air hurts your home furnishings, too. Wood furniture, pianos, and artwork dry out quickly when the air isn’t humid enough.

So, yes, you are miserable when the air in your home is too dry. What’s worse is that if you have a family, everyone suffers. Not only the adults but also the children and babies have to cope with these problems. By not addressing this issue, you’re affecting them, too, making them uncomfortable, and maybe even damaging their health.

So, Where Is All This Dry Air Coming From?

When you think of dry indoor air, what do you imagine causes it? It’s easy to assume that it’s just the heat coming from your furnace that dries out your home so much. And it is true that many people experience dryness when their furnace is on. Yet, the problem isn’t as simple as that. What your furnace is really doing is bringing in outside air that’s drier than the air inside your home. However, not all furnaces do this.

Why Older Furnaces Make Your Air Drier

It’s the older furnaces that create the dry environment in a home. These older furnaces are typically atmospheric combustion furnaces, which have an open combustion chamber. The way they work is that they pull in air from within your home to ignite the burners. So, where is the dry outside air coming from? It’s simple. The burners in your furnace need air to burn the fuel. They have to get that air from somewhere, and in these older furnaces, they get it from inside your home. As the air goes into the combustion chamber, it creates a vacuum within your rooms. And, as Aristotle said long ago, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” So, when the air is drawn out of your house, it causes outside air to rush in and fill up your rooms. Once that outside air comes in, you not only have to suffer with cold drafts, but you also have to deal with all those dry air problems that come from this less humid outside air.

Are Small Humidifiers the Best Solution?

For many people, the first reaction to dry indoor air is to buy a cheap tabletop or freestanding humidifier. And those units do put some humidity into your room. However, they can’t provide consistent, even humidity throughout your entire home. They typically only create pockets of moister air that dry out quickly if you don’t keep the humidifier going. Then, too, you have to remember to fill the units up every time they run out of water.

Small humidifiers are woefully inadequate to do the job of humidifying your home during the winter. What you need is something that always makes the air more humid in every nook and cranny of your home. Otherwise, you’re still going to be exposed to dry air at home. So, the question is, what in the world are you supposed to do?

So, What’s the Answer?

It’s clear that small humidifiers aren’t very good at keeping your whole home humid all the time. Then, what can you do if your furnace is making your home drier, anyway? You certainly don’t want to turn it off and shiver all winter. There has to be some way to keep your home humid when your furnace is on.

Installing a sealed combustion furnace takes care of your dry air problem very easily. You don’t have to keep refilling a humidifier, and it does the job perfectly with no daily effort on your part. These furnaces prevent your home and your family from drying out during the freezing temperatures, no matter how much you run your furnace.

What Is a Sealed Combustion Furnace?

A sealed combustion furnace is a newer type of furnace that works in a special way. The combustion chamber still does its job, and it does it more efficiently as well. As for the dry air, it keeps it outside and only lets it into the furnace itself. That’s because the combustion chamber is closed off from all your living areas. Cold, dry outside air never enters your home, because you don’t have an atmospheric combustion furnace pulling it in. Instead, the furnace draws in outside air through piping and releases exhaust through other piping. The reason the sealed combustion furnace is more efficient is that it doesn’t lose heat through an open combustion chamber. With the chamber closed, only warm air ever enters your home through the system. No more drafts and no more dry winter air! Now you can relax and enjoy your cozy home in comfort, safety, and health.

Tempasure – Your Go-To Source for Sealed Combustion Furnaces

When you consider all the aggravation of dealing with dry indoor air along with all the health risks that come with it, it’s easy to see that you need the best solution as soon as possible. And, it makes sense that if a sealed combustion furnace can solve these problems in such a simple way, it may be a good time to get a new furnace.

Are you ready to get rid of dry air problems in your home for good? At Tempasure, we carry and install sealed combustion furnaces. We come to your home to assess your needs before recommending the best furnace for you. Then, we bring in your new furnace, and our expert HVAC technicians complete the installation in the most beneficial way for your unique home. We follow manufacturers’ guidelines explicitly so that the furnace works as effectively and efficiently as it was designed to do. Our goal is to provide you with the warmth you need while helping you keep your home at the ideal humidity level. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our reward is knowing that your home is comfortable and provides the right indoor environment for healthy winter living.




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