High Efficiency Furnace Installation in Toronto

Your heating system is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your home. If it stops working—especially in the middle of a cold Toronto winter—it could spell trouble for you and your family. Fortunately, the experts at Tempasure can help you with a new furnace installation or replacement.

This could also mean you could switch to a newer, more energy-efficient gas furnace that can reach upwards of 98% efficiency compared to a 70% operating efficiency of older furnaces. As a result, nearly all of the energy from the fuel can be effectively used to heat the home and the homeowner’s monthly heating bills will also be reduced. Older furnaces can’t hold a candle to modern highly efficient furnace solutions.



It might be time to consider a new high efficiency furnace if you notice:

  • your current unit is making sounds
  • frequent repairs are needed
  • energy bill is rising
  • your house just isn’t as consistently comfortable in all rooms

Selecting a new furnace is complicated, with a variety of energy-efficiency ratings, sizes, and styles. The certified professionals at Tempasure can help you sort out the choices based on your home or business functions, budget, and size of the building. Our technicians will also ensure that once your new unit is installed, it is tuned precisely and working at peak efficiency.

When choosing a new furnace, considerations should include respiratory issues and allergies. Talk to our experts about all your concerns and we will guide you through the decision making process. You can trust our service professionals to keep your high efficiency furnace working better, longer and safer for everybody.

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