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High Efficiency Furnaces

Offering Perfect Warmth and Energy Savings in One with a High Efficiency Furnace

High efficiency furnaces provide both energy savings and excellent heating for your Toronto area home. When you invest in a high efficiency furnace, you gain the advantage of lowering your energy costs while keeping your home as warm as you like all winter long. If you have an older furnace, you may be losing up to 40 percent of the fuel you purchase. Because those old units were not designed to reduce energy consumption, your heating bills can be extremely high. A high efficiency unit, on the other hand, typically has AFLUE ratings in the 90s, meaning it can convert as much as 96 percent or more of that fuel into warmth.

Long-Lasting Comfort

Today’s high efficiency furnaces do more than save you on your energy bills. They are built with variable speed blowers and multi-stage heating, so they keep you comfortable with reliable, even heating throughout your North York home. Because of their superior design, they continue to work perfectly for longer than an older type unit. That same design provides quiet-running operation for a more peaceful environment in your home.

Protecting the Environment

For those concerned about protecting the natural environment, having a high efficiency furnace makes perfect sense. After all, since highly efficient furnaces turn more of your fuel into heat, they conserve fuel. Beyond that, they dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. You don’t have to shiver in the winter to be environmentally conscious. You can stay warm and cozy while minimizing your impact on the natural world.

Tempasure Has the High Efficiency Solutions You Need

At Tempasure, we carry several models of high efficiency furnaces. We also provide consultations to help you determine whether you need a new furnace, and if so, whether a high efficiency model is right for your home and your budget. We evaluate your current heating system and offer recommendations on which high efficiency unit best meets your needs. Once you decide to switch to high efficiency heating, we install your unit to the strictest standards so that it actually gives you the maximum efficiency and performance it was designed to provide. When you look to the HVAC company North York customers count on for expert advice and quality services, you get the most reliable products and installations for your new high efficiency furnace.

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