How Cleaning Your HVAC system Can Address Your Allergy Problems

Oct 29, 2022

How Cleaning Your HVAC system Can Address Your Allergy Problems

How Cleaning Your HVAC system Can Address Your Allergy Problems?

Are you dealing with allergies inside your home? It might be because the air ducts are dirty. While not many people realize this, HVAC ducts are some of the biggest culprits to constant sneezing and runny noses.

However, It is not precisely the HVAC’s fault, to begin with. The real problems are the accumulated dust, pollen, and any other allergens inside these systems that can really ruin anyone’s day. The best way to address your allergic reactions then is to get your HVAC nice and clean.

With that said, here are the contaminants you can expect to be inside your HVAC and what you can do to keep your home allergen-free!

The allergens

What kinds of allergens can you find inside an HVAC system? A lot. Some of the things you can find include pollen, pet fur, mold, pathogens, and dust mites.

It’s normal for most of these things to make their way into your HVAC system. For instance, dust is a problem in any home, no matter how clean the place is. The dust will slowly get sucked up into the HVAC system and collect inside. Over time, the dust will also spew out back into the house, sparking the reactions.

Other allergens like pollen arrive in your home by hitching a ride on your clothes or floating in through the windows. Finally, air circulation can allow pathogens, smog, and other allergens to creep into your home even if you keep the windows shut and the doors closed at all times.

Cleaning the ducts

You might be wondering whether or not cleaning the HVAC will do you any good in terms of addressing the allergies. The short answer is that it does!

As for the long answer, allergens spread throughout your home primarily through air circulation. The HVAC system sucks up the interior air and pumps it out elsewhere, heating or cooling the house down. By ensuring that the HVAC system is clean with plenty of vacuuming and cleaning of vent covers and filters, you minimize the circulation of allergens, reducing symptoms.

Other ways to stay allergen-free

What are the other ways to keep your home allergen-free that does not revolve around cleaning your HVAC system? This will depend on what you are allergic to.

If you are trying to deal with pollen, ensuring that the doors and windows are closed can limit the amount that enters your home. If you are trying to fight off dust mites, using a dehumidifier can stop them from popping up. Finally, if you want to prevent mold from growing, you can, again, use a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture.

For places like your bathroom, using a fan to circulate the air can also promote the evaporation of water, quickly drying up the bathroom and stopping any growth of mold, mildew, and more.


As you can see, the HVAC system is not the only cause of allergic reactions. However, it is one of the best places to start addressing the problem by eliminating the allergens present in your home.

If you find yourself continually sneezing, check the HVAC. If it is dirty, get to cleaning it immediately. We highly recommend that you work with professionals in this aspect. That’s because not only can they more effectively clean the place, but they can also keep their eyes peeled for any damage your HVAC system may have sustained and give you suggestions on what you can do to fix them!

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