How to Cover Your A/C Unit for the Winter to Prevent Damage

Oct 29, 2022

How to Cover Your A/C Unit for the Winter to Prevent Damage

How to Care for your AC Unit during Winter?

Y  our air-conditioning unit is an integral part of your HVAC system, and you need to protect it from all the other elements during the winter season. This is because many environmental factors such as snow, harsh winds, and falling debris may damage your unit.

Without proper protection during the winter season, you may have to deal with additional expenses for air-conditioning services to repair the damage that you could’ve prevented. And one way to help protect your A/C unit during winter is by covering it.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to safely cover your A/C unit during the winter season so you can prevent any damage that it may receive during this time. Let’s get to it!

Why should I cover my air-conditioning unit during winter?

Before we teach you how to cover your A/C unit, you’ll need to know why this is necessary to do.

First, you could deal with harsh environmental factors, such as strong winds and snow. Because of this, dried leaves and flying debris can get stuck in the fins of your outdoor A/C’s coil. When this happens, it’ll have difficulty releasing heat to cool your rooms.

Another reason is that piled snow can encase the unit and become too thick that it may damage your A/C unit’s coil fins. Besides that, falling ice can hit your unit with surprising force, ultimately damaging your A/C and its coil fins.

Lastly, dripping water from trees or your roof can get into your A/C unit, harden, and damage the gear and internal parts of your machine, affecting the way it normally functions.

How do I cover my air-conditioning unit for winter?

When covering your A/C unit, you want to make sure that you’re using a cover made of breathable material to encourage air circulation throughout the unit. After covering your A/C, place plywood on top of the unit to shield it from snow and ice.

Another tip is to install a wood awning or a shelter to the building to help cover the top of your A/C unit. A shelter can provide your A/C with much protection during winter and during the hot temperatures of summer.

To suitably protect your A/C unit, it’s always best that you work with air-conditioning contractors to help you put up the right cover, build a shelter, and clean up your unit’s surroundings to prevent further damage.

What shouldn’t I do when covering my air-conditioning unit?

The biggest most important thing you shouldn’t do is to cover your air-conditioning unit with plastic. This is because plastic isn’t a breathable material, and using this can cause severe damage to your unit and even put you and your family at risk.

Why is it so dangerous? Although it can keep out falling leaves and debris from the unit, it can keep moisture from evaporating and escaping. When this happens, you encourage rust and mould development, ultimately affecting the quality of air that you breathe in.


Now that you know how to cover your A/C unit for the winter, you’ll prevent any damages and HVAC issues that may occur during this time. You want to work with reputable air-conditioning contractors so that you can prepare for the winter season, dodge HVAC problems, and enjoy the holidays in the comfort of your home.

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