How to Keep Your Home Cool During a Heat Wave?

Oct 29, 2022

How to Keep Your Home Cool During a Heat Wave?

How to Keep Your Home Cool During a Heat Wave?

Most of our homes aren’t designed to keep us cool when we’re going through heat waves. This is why it’s important to take certain precautions before summer so that you don’t suffer a miserable time when the heat waves finally strike.

In the last few years, the frequency of heatwaves has increased by a great degree, which is why it’s even more important to take the necessary steps as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can keep your home cool during a heatwave. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Lighten the Load for Your Air Conditioner

One of the best ways of surviving the heat waves is using air conditioners and thermostats. If you don’t have one of these already, you should definitely contact services that offer thermostat Installation in Toronto.

If you already have one of these, you’re halfway there. However, there are certain things that you need to do for making sure the air conditioner can perform at its fullest potential when the heatwave finally comes. You can either do these yourself, or you can contact services that offer air conditioner maintenance in Toronto to get the job done for you.

1. Regular Maintenance

The air conditioners are built for keeping your home cool, not for cleaning themselves. Unfortunately, being the type of appliance they are, the air conditioners require a lot of cleaning over a small period. Due to their function, the air conditioners have to intake and exhale a lot of air. They literally suck up the dusty air in your home and provide relatively cleaner air. This dust gets stuck in the air conditioners, and if they aren’t maintained regularly, then they might become inefficient or even get damaged.

This is why we highly recommend cleaning your air conditioners at least once every two weeks. Doing so will help them function more efficiently during the heat waves, and it’ll also save you a ton of money. You should call expert AC maintenance technician on ce in a while for deep cleaning and maintenance.

2. Filter Change

As we’ve told you, the excess dust ends up in the air conditioners, and most of this dust is accumulated on the filters of the air conditioners. The easiest way of making sure your AC is working properly is by cleaning the filters on the air conditioners every once in a while.

Doing an AC filter change is very straightforward. Remove the lid in front of the AC on top of the vent, and you’ll find two or more filters on the grate of the AC. Simply remove these filters, and clean them with a hand shower. Doing this once a week will reduce the number of times you’ll need to deep-clean your AC.

3. Duct Cleaning

While the change and cleaning of filters are effective, it won’t deep clean your AC. To deep clean your AC, you need to clean the very ducts in it. This involves a lengthy and complicated process, and by no means do we recommend doing this on your own.

So, for duct cleaning, you should call a local service providing Air conditioner maintenance in Toronto and ask them to get the job done for you.

4. Add ERV

An ERV is the best device for making your home a well-ventilated one. A lot of people believe that sealing the home is enough for making it a well-ventilated one. However, that isn’t true. Sealing a home without proper airflow can make it accumulate dust over time.

This is why we recommend installing an ERV. These devices can ensure proper airflow in your home without spending too much energy. You can always ask a regular service that’s providing thermostat installation in Toronto for getting one of these installed.

5. Seal your window

Sealing your window can reduce the amount of air that’s leaking from the windows. The air leakage from the windows can make it tougher for your air conditioner to cool down your home, as the air inside your home is getting replaced constantly.

This is why sealing the windows can help out the air conditioner in keeping your home cooler, and this will provide a comfortable experience while going through heat waves.

6. Create more shade

It’s seen that the temperature remains much lower in shade. If you have glass windows in your home, then adding thick curtains and more sunshades can help you lower the temperature in your home.

7. Use Ceiling Fans

If you want to take some weight off of the shoulders of the air conditioner in your home, you should definitely consider using ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can be a bit noisy at times, and they definitely aren’t as comfortable as an AC.

However, these appliances can offer a much more pleasant experience in summer, especially during heatwaves. It’s not particularly comfortable when you stand in front of the AC right after a match, but it feels great under a ceiling fan. This is why you should balance the usage of ceiling fans and AC when you’re going through heat waves.

This will not only provide a more comfortable experience, but it’ll save a lot of cash too!

8. Closed off an unused room

If there’s an unused room in your home, and if you’re using a thermostat, then you should keep that room closed and use the sealing method on its door. This will prevent your thermostat from cooling an additional room, which in turn will increase its efficiency and impact in your home.

9. Use Automatic Thermostat

There are a lot of automatic thermostats that will keep your room at a suitable temperature irrespective of the temperature change in the environment. Getting one of these can save a lot of energy, cash while making your life better than it is!

Final Words:

These are some of how you can keep your home cool during a heatwave. Following these will provide a much more comfortable experience during summer, so we recommend you get prepared before summer even comes! For smooth working and cleaning of your air conditioning unit, contact the Temp-A-Sure Heating and Cooling Professionals.