How to Know if Under Floor Heating is Right For Your Home

Oct 29, 2022

How to Know if Under Floor Heating is Right For Your Home

Is Floor Heating Right for your Home?

Ontario is known for its rather brutal winter seasons, which means that heating systems in Toronto are a must-have for all residential areas. Imagine unwinding in a cold house at the end of the day, and you’ll probably know that it is quite difficult and uncomfortable. Having below-freezing temperatures is not fun, especially knowing that you’ll have to bear these for months until summer comes around.

Nowadays, homes are fitted with various heating systems, with the old school visible radiator disappearing. Heating repairs in Toronto are done annually to prepare for winter, so if you have been subject to more than a few maintenance jobs, then it might be beneficial to start considering other options.

Floor Heating In Toronto, ON

Tiled floors are typically the material of choice for most homes nowadays because they are easy to clean and maintain. Carpets are excellent for the winter, but they are a chore to clean, especially when you have a home full of children or pets. Thankfully, modern-day technologies have developed underfloor heating, which was previously used in bathrooms and kitchens but is now utilized in most areas of a home.

Knowing If Underfloor Heating Is Right for Your Home

Underfloor heating is a good investment if you spend plenty of time at home, and it usually comes in two variants. The two main methods used to conduct underfloor heating are electrical and liquid systems. Some prefer the classic radiator due to the speed at which it heats a room to a comfortable temperature. Others do not like how fast they cool down, which is why opting for floor heating systems in Toronto is the new-age warmth technology.

Running an underfloor heating system is possible. It can be operational all day at a moderately warm temperature that uses less energy than a radiator that heats a room from a cold start. It might take a few hours to heat a room using floor heating solutions, but overall performance and comfort are unmatched. In fact, stepping on warm flooring is nice to feel, as many people do not like the feeling of wearing footwear or socks while at home.

Dry Underfloor Heating Systems

Electrical underfloor heating systems are also known as dry systems and are installed directly under floor coverings. Single-room installations can benefit from these, as sub-levels are already in place. Each mat measures about 3mm thick and are hidden when installed. They can also be used on walls and seating areas in showers or larger bathrooms. These products can be costly and require a qualified electrician to install as per building regulation parameters. In any case of heater repairs, they are easily accessible due to their installation sitting right under the flooring material.

Their costs make it impractical for whole-house applications, which is why installers recommend using these for rooms and other small-scale areas that are heavily inhabited.

Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

Wet heating systems use a water-based heater run through the home via a series of pipes connected to the central boiler unit. This rig circulates warm water to heat spaces efficiently. While this heating system is more durable and easier to maintain, it can only be installed with newly built homes. Adding this as part of the floor plan is the only way to add the pipes properly, as an already built home can’t precisely be torn apart and put back together. The best part is that problems are rare with these systems, so if you are making a new home, consider installing a wet underfloor heating system to bear the Toronto winters.


When it comes to finding the right underfloor heating system for your home, it boils down to the home’s status. Wet systems are meant for houses being built, as they can be challenging to fit on an existing home due to the requirements to run them through the entire floorplan. Smaller-scale rooms can benefit from dry systems, as these are cheaper to run and can provide comfort for spaces that are frequently inhabited by people.

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