How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

Oct 29, 2022

How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

For those who own a fireplace, winter can be an exciting time of year. Finally, you have the right weather to truly enjoy this fantastic home feature and cuddle up next to real or gas flames. However, for safety and for comfort, you should prepare your fireplace before you use it. Here is how you can get your home’s fireplace ready for winter.

1. Move Any Clutter

When the fireplace is not in use, the space around it tends to get a bit crowded. If you’ve been storing anything near the fireplace , especially things that are flammable, now is the time to move it all out of the way. Otherwise, these items become safety risks, and not even just for fires, but they could also trip you and have you grab the fireplace to steady yourself.

Keep a close eye open for rugs, and other trip hazards. In addition, be careful about the kind of Christmas décor you place near the fireplace.

2. Get Professional Cleaning

Gas and real wood fireplaces both need to be cleaned in order to remove creosote and other build-up and ensure the fireplace can exhaust properly. Otherwise, the exhaust may back up into your home and become a major safety risk.

They should clean the flu, the fireplace gasket, the chimney cap, blower and the other essential elements of your fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, the professionals will likely also clean the glass and logs so that your fireplace looks as great as it did when it was first installed.

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3. Remove Debris Near Chimney

Tree branches may grow close to the chimney, leaves may have gathered on the roof near the chimney, and there may be other debris nearby. Ask your roofer and landscaping professionals to remove the debris, trim back your landscaping, and ensure that your chimney isn’t a fire risk on the outside of your home.

4. Prepare Your Firewood

Most people who have real wood fireplaces end up purchasing their firewood in cords from their local supplier. Early in the winter or even in the fall, get your order in so that you’re ready. If you make your own firewood, assess how much you have dried for this season and start preparing for next. As firewood typically takes a year or more to dry, it’s important to keep up with your planning.

5. Start an Early Fire

Especially if you will be relying on your fireplace for heating , it is important to test it before you’ll actually need it. Soon after the professionals have cleaned your fireplace, start a fire or turn it on. Make sure it works properly. If it is a gas fireplace, run it long enough that the blower turns on so that you’re sure it generates heat.

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