How to Prevent Your Hot Water Heater from Leaking

Oct 29, 2022

How to Prevent Your Hot Water Heater from Leaking

How To Prevent Your Hot Water Heater From Leaking

When a water heater leaks it usually has to be replaced. It’s not worthwhile to repair or replace the tank on the heater, as it is the bulk of the cost of the water heater. So, many people find that a small heater leak turns into an expensive replacement. How do you avoid this problem? Maintaining your water heater is necessary to try to keep the tank in good condition. Here is what you should do.

Add a Filtration System

Many water heater tanks wear out due to hard water, water that’s the wrong pH, or other water quality issues. They can wear down the metal in the tank and slowly create a leak. One way to handle these problems is to improve the water quality in your whole home by installing a filtration system. Note that the system has to be installed in front of the water heater in order to be effective.

Ensure the Anode is Functioning

Water heater manufacturers know that hard water is a big cause of premature tank failure. They, therefore, add anode rods into their tanks to improve longevity. These rods absorb the minerals in the water so that they do not break down the tank. The problem is that the anode has eventually absorbed all it can and won’t continue to protect the tank. Choose a water heater with a quality anode rod and talk to your HVAC technician about whether the rod can be replaced.

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Flush the Water Heater

Problems with hard water build-up can also be prevented by flushing the water heater. Your HVAC technician will normally complete this as part of your yearly maintenance. That’s one reason that your yearly maintenance is important. Flushing the water is also a good idea for health and safety reasons.

Have the Professionals Do Yearly Maintenance

The most important step to prevent water heaters from leaking and keep them efficient and functional is yearly maintenance from the professionals. While you can do some maintenance tasks yourself if you want, there really is no substitute for having the pros look at your tank. We can spot problems that might cause the tank to leak or suffer other problems if they are not fixed. Then we can fix them, and you can get more value out of your water heater.

Tighten Loose Pipe Fittings

Sometimes potential leaks start in the fittings and not the tank itself. Thankfully, these leaks are much easier to deal with. If you spot any loose fittings on your water heater it is best to tighten them up right away. You may prefer to get the professional to check fittings and tighten them during their maintenance appointment instead of doing it yourself.

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