Is Ductless HVAC Right For You? Here Is a Complete Guide To Help You Decide

Oct 29, 2022

Is Ductless HVAC Right For You? Here Is a Complete Guide To Help You Decide

Did you know that it has been estimated that you lose up to 30% of your cooling power in the ductwork of the traditional heating and cooling system in your home? If you’re in the market for a change, consider an upgrade to the most efficient climate control system currently available: a ductless air conditioning system.

But how do you know if this innovative system is right for you, your budget and your home? 

What is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

A ductless air conditioning system is not dependent on the built-in duct system in most modern homes. Also called a mini-split system, this system is mounted for heating and cooling inside your home and works with an air-sourced heat pump. The exterior unit draws heat from the air outside during colder weather to heat up your home, and pushes heat out during warmer weather to cool your home down. 

How are They Better than a Traditional Duct System?

Of course, let’s begin with the primary reason: there’s no ductwork involved! Also, the set-up is simple: an outdoor unit connects to up to eight (8) indoor units with small refrigerant lines, requiring a small, three-inch hole in the exterior wall for installation. They’re also quieter than a traditional system or even a window-mounted unit, as all the ‘noise’ is generated from the outside unit. 

Since ductless systems transfer heat instead of generating it within the unit, they use up to 60% less energy in your home than a standard heating and cooling system.  Savings also increase with this type of system during the warmer months by up to 30% when compared to conventional air conditioners due to advanced technology compressors and fan speed adjustments, not to mention homeowner control capabilities. 

Ductless heat pumps have earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation, per the Government of Canada, which means they’ve been deemed to have superior energy efficiency performance, save on your household utility costs and reduce your carbon footprint. 

What Types of Ductless Systems are There? 

While there are many brands of ductless air conditioning systems on the market, there are two primary types: Single-Zone and Multi-Zone. 

Single-Zone Ductless Systems

The single-zone system can be the most economical solution and is great for smaller houses or open concepts, or where homeowners are primarily interested in providing air conditioning service to only one main common area. This is also an ideal choice for garages or workshops, if you’re happy with your existing whole home ductwork system, as there are minimal issues with installation. With one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, many homeowners find this to be a solid fit for most of their needs and good for their limited budget. 

Multi-Zone Ductless Systems

If you have a larger family home with multiple closed rooms, a multi-zone ductless system is a better cost-effective option, as homeowners can control individual rooms independent of the main  common areas. With one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, the multi-zone system provides significant cost-savings and energy efficiency. 

Both of these systems can be utilized with one (or a combination) of the following styles:

  • Wall-mount Unit: The most versatile and popular indoor unit, these slim and stylish models are ideal for smaller areas like bedrooms and offices.
  • Floor-mount Unit:  With a slim design, these units can be partially recessed into the wall. If you currently have radiators, these are a great replacement option. 
  • Ducted Unit: Flexible in design, these units are perfect if you’re looking for a more hidden look, as they can be installed on the ceiling or beneath the floor. Perfect for kitchens or master suites. 

All of these options include a built-in multi-layered filtration system to keep outside air contamination out of your home.

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Who Should Upgrade to Ductless in Toronto?

If you’re interested in cost-savings, you should definitely consider investing in an upgrade, but here are a few specific situations where a ductless system would be most beneficial for your home:

An Older Home Without Existing Ductwork

Many older homes did not have ductwork installed when they were built and use portable fans and heaters or window units to provide comfort throughout the year. Save time and money by installing a ductless system. These mini-split systems install quickly, typically taking no more than a day for a professional installation company . So it has minimal interruption to your home life. 

Expensive Central Heating Costs Due to High Fuel Prices

As fuel prices continue to rise, avoid an increase in your utility bills by investing in a ductless system that uses less electricity than a standard system. It’s more efficient and cost-effective for your home and the environment. 

Rooms that Aren’t Always in Use

Every home has a room (or rooms) that isn’t always in use, like an office or guest bedroom. With a ductless system, you can turn off the units in those rooms with your smartphone to save money. And if you need to use that space, you can just turn it back on! Since the system has an instant hot capability, there’s no waiting for the heating or cooling! 

Individual Heating and Cooling Needs

In bedrooms and common spaces, the ability to adjust a traditional system is pretty non-existent, relegated to having the duct screen open or closed (or somewhere in the middle). A ductless system gives everyone better control of the temperature in the room they’re in, without freezing or melting everyone else in the house. 

Spaces Where Ductwork Would be Exposed

Exposed ductwork does not make for good interior design, even in an open space like a garage, an addition or an outbuilding, like a shed or a barn. But if those areas double as a work space, a ductless system would make them more comfortable without any additional or exposed ductwork, which can be unfeasible to install. 

Are Ductless Systems Hard to Maintain?

In a word: no.  Like all systems in your home, your ductless air conditioning system will require some maintenance to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible.  A well-maintained system can last up to 20 years versus 13 years, which is the average lifespan of central air units.

At the most basic level, your ductless system has two demands at the homeowner level: filter and condenser coil cleaning.  Both of these are easily done, but if you aren’t interested, don’t feel capable or can’t due to medical reasons, you should have a routine maintenance plan completed by your HVAC service technician.

By committing to a plan, the maintenance on your ductless system will not only validate your Manufacturer’s Warranty, but will also provide not only an increased energy efficiency but also fewer unexpected repairs, which will save you money on your utility bills for the life of the units.  Two checks a year — spring and fall — is all it takes to make sure your system is running smoothly and ready to go. 

Let’s Talk Cost

The purchase and installation of a ductless system will run between $2,000 to $3,000 CAD, depending on the size and scope of your project. While, yes, this is more expensive than installing a window unit, it is significantly cheaper than installing a duct-dependent system , which can start at around $5,000 CAD.  

Ready to Invest in Your Comfort?

Tempasure is your #1 choice for ductless mini-split systems in the Toronto area. Our dedicated team of HVAC experts has installed countless Mitsubishi Electric’s Hyper-Heating H1i® systems in many homes all over Toronto. This particular system allows for:

  • Instant Hot Start: The hyper heat system was designed to deliver hot air to your room immediately after it’s turned on.
  • Energy Efficiency: This system decreases the carbon footprint of the home by letting homeowners decide which rooms are in use, and they can monitor what temperature each room is set at. 
  • Cost-Effective:   Standard central air conditioners use between  3500W to 5000W daily, while this ductless air conditioning system only consumes 400W to 2200W electricity.
  • Air Quality:  With a multi-stage built-in filtration, this system drastically reduces air contamination without the inconvenience of an annual duct cleaning.
  • Quiet:  These units are extremely quiet among the available brands of ductless systems. 

Why Work With Tempasure?

We are committed to total customer satisfaction, and we guarantee every ductless air conditioning system installation will run at peak performance for the life of your units. We have over 20 years of installation experience with professionals available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Not only that, but we offer routine maintenance plans to fit your budget to keep your system running well during its long lifespan, and we understand that even the best systems can run into issues, so we also have repair technicians to diagnose and repair no matter what is ailing your units. 

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We’re excited to talk to you about a ductless air conditioning system upgrade, replacement or repair. Let the wonderful team at Tempasure bring you the comfort and efficiency that you deserve in the home that you love. 

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