Is Your HVAC Unit Ready for A Snow Storm?

Oct 29, 2022

Is Your HVAC Unit Ready for A Snow Storm?

Is Your HVAC Unit Ready for A Snow Storm?

E  nsuring that your HVAC system is functional before winter kicks in could bring you and the whole household many benefits.

First, conducting regular inspections would guarantee that your HVAC system would perform at its best when you need it. You do not want to get stuck at home in winter without any heat, would you? With a correctly working heating system, you would know that the whole family can enjoy warmth and comfort during cold days.

Second, a functioning HVAC would ensure that you keep your power consumption low, despite your constant heating needs. Your system would not have to struggle or use more energy than expected.

Lastly, by routinely conducting routine check-ups and maintenance, you can prolong your HVAC system’s life, making your investment worthwhile. Now that you know the benefits, make sure that you pay attention to your HVAC system in preparation for winter.

Some Important HVAC Components and What You Need to Know About Them

To maintain your system well, you need to be familiar with its different parts and how you must take care of each. Here is a quick run-down of some of the HVAC’s essential components and what you need to know about each:

Air Filters

  • What They Are: The air filter is responsible for removing impurities such as dust, bacteria, and pet dander from the air that enters your system. While it works to improve the air quality inside your home, it also protects the entire HVAC system from getting damaged.
  • What They Need: Air filters acquire dirt fast. If not replaced regularly, the dirt would clog the system and get through the air you breathe. Make sure to replace it once every quarter or as often as necessary. Replacing the air filter is easy. You can do it yourself, or you can always ask a professional technician to make sure it is done right.

Air Vents

  • What They Are: They are the small openings on your ceiling or wall that maintain the air pressure. They also somehow filter the air that comes into the room.
  • What They Need: They must be free from any blockage at all times. If not, they could malfunction, limiting the airflow in your home.


  • What They Are: The furnace is responsible for heating your home through a heating cycle powered by gas or propane. They can easily get worn down, so they need to be checked frequently.
  • What They Need: Make sure to contact your AC repair technician so they can look into your furnace and conduct a little tune-up whenever necessary.

Heat Pump

  • What They Are: The heat pump is the device that transfers the heat energy from one source to another. On cold days, it extracts the heat coming from the cool temperature outside and then pumps it inside. When it is warm out, it reverses its function. Instead of placing heat inside, it removes the heat from the inside and transfers them outside.
  • What They Need: Since they are placed outdoors, they are prone to blockage by snow buildup, so inspect them from time to time.

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for the Winter

Here are the simple steps you can do to ensure that your HVAC system is ready to face that snowstorm.

Step 1: Check Your Home’s Insulation

Make sure that your house is adequately insulated. A poorly insulated house would only cost you more. Your HVAC would need more energy to generate heat in your home. A house without proper insulation would also fail to trap the necessary heat inside the home.

Check if your doors and windows have no air leaks. Ask professionals to look into your walls, ceilings, attic, and floor insulation. If you learn that your house is not insulated enough, consider preparing these areas for wintertime. You can purchase insulator kits for your windows. They are affordable, easy to attach, and can keep your home protected throughout the winter.

Step 2: Remove Any Vent Blockage

Double-check your vent and make sure that nothing is blocking it. When the vent is blocked, it could result in poor air circulation inside the system and your home. As a result, the warm air would not be able to enter your home, or worse, your HVAC would malfunction. So, take the time to clear up the space in front of your vent and make sure it is working correctly.

Step 3: Replace Filters if Necessary

As mentioned above, filters are essential parts of the HVAC system for ensuring your indoor air quality. Inspect if your filters are clean enough to purify the air for the whole winter duration.

Step 4: Make Sure the Heat Pumps Aren’t Clogged

The heat pump is the HVAC equipment responsible for removing the heat in the air and then moving it inside your house or outside, depending on the climate. Make sure that it is also clean before winter comes in. Doing so would ensure that the heat transfer would be smooth. Check it during the winter, too, and make sure no debris or snow is blocking its way.


Use a Programmable Thermostat

If your house is not yet using a programmable thermostat, consider replacing your old one. Aside from being programmable, it is also self-adjusting, helping you get the most accurate temperature at home. Once it understands your daily routines and habits, it would automatically adapt to give your home the suitable temperature. With this little investment, you might save more on energy usage and energy bill than you expect.

Get a Back-Up Generator

If you know that your location suffers terribly from snowstorms, consider investing in a back-up generator. Who knows what could happen to your power source when faced with a severe snowstorm? With a generator, your HVAC would continue running until the power goes back on.


The biggest mistake you can make is not to prepare. Wintertime is an annual season that is sure to come. You have all the time to prepare your house and HVAC system for it. Make sure to conduct your inspections and maintenance in advance. If you need professional eyes for thorough checking and cleaning, hire an HVAC expert. They will look into your system and ensure that your home is ready to face the dreaded cold days.

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