Pre-Winter Preparations: Your Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Oct 29, 2022

Pre-Winter Preparations: Your Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Pre-Winter Preparations: Your Furnace Maintenance Checklist

W  inter is just around the corner. Heating in Toronto, ON should be taken seriously as it can get extremely cold in this area during winter. Before fall ends, service technicians should be contracted to do maintenance checks and make sure that furnaces, boilers and heating systems are functioning as they should. These heating systems should not fail when they are needed the most. Routine maintenance checks should be done, especially during the months leading up to the winter season.

Safe and Proper Maintenance For Heating Systems

Although modern heating systems are fairly safe in comparison to their pioneer counterparts, there is still a chance that maintenance personnel may get injured if they are not careful about the proper safety protocols while handling the machines. Keep in mind that most of these heating machines are fuelled by gas and can seriously harm a person if they are not fully equipped or aware to handle the job.

Maintenance and service of furnaces and heating systems should be done only by licensed maintenance personnel. This will minimize the risk of any catastrophic events happening because of a mistake in handling the equipment.

Preventive Maintenance Of Heating Systems

Effective maintenance of heating system machines should be handled as specifically instructed. Deviating from these instructions may end up in serious or even fatal injuries to the people involved.

Heating systems will include routine steps that are common to most of the machines. The first step is usually to remove all detachable parts of the machine. The next steps will involve wiping down and washing the main parts of the system. Inspecting the hoses and switches should be done next to make sure that no part of the system is brittle and weak.

The next step is a bit more sensitive. Cleaning the flame sensor should be done only with fine steel wool. Sandpaper should also not be used to clean this part of the machine as it may leave scratches and dents in the flame rod. This can leave the machine susceptible to dirt, causing the likelihood of failure to rise.

Next, it is important to clean the spark ignitor with steel wool as well. After this, it is a crucial step to test the furnace hot surface ignitor. The silicon carbide ignitor cables should ohm at 40 to 400 ohms. Silicon nitride igniters should come up with a reading of 40 to 70 ohms.

Next, you should clean the burners with a good-quality wire brush and blow out the dust with high-pressured air. Clean the fans and vents and after that, reconnect all the detachable parts and test the heating system as a whole to make sure that all the parts have been put back properly.


As winter approaches, it is a must to have heating systems properly maintained and cleaned. Doing this before winter beings will ensure that your home will be properly heated when you need the warmth the most.

It is important not to attempt to clean or disassemble your heating system on your own, especially if you are not licensed. Performing the process wrongly, even in the slightest sense may result in severe injury or even death. Heating and air conditioning companies in Toronto exist to help you with these tasks. Hiring a professional to do the job for you will keep your furnace or heating system running smoothly in the years to come.

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