Step-By-Step Guide on Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Oct 29, 2022

Step-By-Step Guide on Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

DIY – Clean your Air Conditioner

Like any other appliance, your air conditioning unit will not properly work if it has accumulated too much dust and dirt on its panel. If you notice that it isn’t able to cool as effectively as before, that is a direct indication that your unit needs cleaning.

Cleaning your AC unit not only maintains its cooling power, but it also helps keep its motors and parts running effectively and smoothly. When your unit is properly maintained, you can save high costs on your monthly energy bills and AC repair or replacement fees.

To help you out, here are the steps of adequately cleaning your AC unit:

Cleaning the Outside of Your AC Unit

The first thing you would clean upon disconnecting your unit is its exterior. The dirt and dust that piles up on it significantly contribute to your air conditioning unit’s performance. Just remember to ensure that the unit is turned off by unplugging it from the socket.

With that said, here is a step-by-step guide on cleaning the outside of your AC unit:

Step #1: Disconnect AC Grille

The AC grille covers your air conditioner, and it’s where the cool air from the unit flows through to the outside. To remove it, take out its sheet metal screws. Once done, gently lift the fan unit and the grille.

Step #2: Clean out debris on the pan

Depending on what unit you have and where you placed it, your air conditioner can accumulate various debris such as dust, leaves, and other tiny objects. Make sure to remove this debris by wiping the pan or cleaning it with running water.

Step #3: Pump spray dirt and dust on the coils and fins

The coils and fins are located at the back of your AC unit. To clean the accumulated dust and dirt on them, you would need to clean them using a pump sprayer filled with a coil cleaning solution. The solution should foam up, and you would need to clean the unit by washing it off with a water hose.

Step #4: Straighten the fins

One factor that contributes to the reduced airflow of your AC unit is bent fins. To resolve it, you need to use a fin tool that can comb up and straighten your unit’s fins. Just make sure to comb it gently as the fins are highly delicate.

Cleaning the Inside of Your AC Unit

Aside from cleaning the exterior of your AC unit, you should also clean its interior. Although situated inside the unit, its motor parts are also prone to dust and dirt, which can equally affect the performance of your air conditioner. By cleaning the interiors of your AC unit, you reduce the chance of requiring repairs.

To help you out, here are the steps on how you can properly clean the inside of your AC unit:

Step #1: Clean the evaporator coils

The first thing that you would need to clean is the evaporator coils of your AC unit. This is located just behind the front grille. Clean it by dusting it off using a soft brush. For maximum results, use a no-rinse coil cleaner that foams up and drips to the drain pan while taking dirt and dust with it.

Step #2: Wash off the drain pan

Once you’re done cleaning the coils, make sure to clean up the solution that dripped into the drain pan. You can use a solution of soap and hot water or a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water to wash off the cleanser.

Step #3: Close the access panel

Once you are done cleaning, make sure to close and return certain parts on your AC unit. Reattach the access panel by using the same screws you’ve removed. You can also seal the top and bottom of the panel if your unit has an HVAC metal foil tape. Just make sure not to cover the manufacturer’s label.


There are many benefits of cleaning your air conditioning unit. It keeps the unit working efficiently, increases airflow, and maintains the performance of its motor parts. When cleaning your AC unit, make sure that you are following the right process and are using the appropriate cleaning solutions and equipment.

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