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No matter the season, our crew of contractors is here to provide you with air conditioning, furnace installation, boilers, repairs and maintenance for your home all year round. Making us the best HVAC team in the Greater Toronto area.

Good for your comfort and your pocket!

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Comfort for every season

Welcome to Tempasure HVAC Specialists, where quality craftsmanship meets unparalleled expertise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. With years of dedicated service, our seasoned professionals bring precision and reliability to every project, ensuring top-notch installations, maintenance, and repairs.

At Tempasure, our commitment to customer satisfaction is woven into every season—summer’s cool relief, spring’s fresh beginnings, winter’s cozy warmth, and fall’s comforting transitions—all embraced by the trusted Tempasure brand.

Join us in experiencing excellence in every climate.

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Cooling and Heating

Tempasure heating and air conditioning units

Air Conditioning

Our comprehensive air conditioning service ensures efficient, reliable, and tailored cooling solutions for homes and businesses, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and system optimization.

Ductless AC Installation tempasure

Ductless Split System AC

Our ductless air conditioning service offers personalized climate control solutions with expert installation, maintenance, and repair of efficient mini-split systems for optimal comfort in any space.

Boiler and Hot Water System Installation

Hot Water Systems

Our hot water systems come with expert installation, maintenance, and repair for efficient and reliable heating systems, ensuring consistent and comfortable access to hot water for residential and commercial properties.

heating solutions Toronto furnace installation & repairs

Furnance Heating

Our furnace heating service ensures continuous warmth and comfort in homes throughout the seasons by providing skilled installation, maintenance, and repairs for effective and dependable heating systems throughout Toronto.

in floor heating for homes tempasure

Boiler & Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating solutions offer energy-efficient and customizable comfort by circulating hot water through tubing installed beneath floors, providing consistent warmth and enhanced control over indoor climate preferences in your home.

Gas fireplace tempasure


Our fireplace installation service delivers expert craftsmanship and personalized solutions, creating cozy and functional hearth spaces tailored to suit any home. The appearance and feel of a true flame are provided by modern gas fires.


Gas line installation tempasure

Gas Line Installation

Do you need a gas line installed for a gas barbeque, gas range for your kitchen or gas-run pool heater? Tempasure can safely install the lines, saving you money and keeping your family safe. We can also repair and service your existing lines.

Air Conditioner Repair Servicing and Maintenance tempasure

Service and Repairs

The problems brought on by dirt and debris accumulation can be reduced in many cases with routine AC maintenance and tune-ups. Air Con making a noise? Loss of temprature control? Call Tempasure Repairs Team.

Ready to get your HVAC needs solved?
Call us for a quote or to book a call out.

Let us identify your perfect system

At Tempasure we are all about you the customer. We will help you navigate through the products available on the market so you can get the installation that works with your budget and you lifestyle.

Which rooms are you wanting to heat or cool?

Are you looking for a system that you can have instant cooling?

Is a ductless split system air conditioning system better for you and cost less to install?

Are you looking for heating to come from the floor?

These are some of the questions we ask.

At Tempasure, we understand that a comfortable home, is a happy home. 

Learn Heating and Cooling Basics

Learn how to choose and maintain your HVAC system. A two stage HVAC system is equipped to adjust operation for high stage or low stage heating or cooling, depending on the comfort demands of your home.

To keep your system in tip-top condition, we advise that you check filters twice a year and keep them clean. Our maintenance plans cover all aspects.

Make sure you are using the best settings for the economic running of your product.

Research has found that running, for example, a split system at 23 degrees when cooling keeps the cost of your system low as the pressure on the grid is kept to a minimum.

With Tempasure you’ll always get great customer service!


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