What do those noises your heating and air equipment make, mean?

Oct 29, 2022

What do those noises your heating and air equipment make, mean?

What is this Noise in My Heating and Air Equipment?

Are you starting to hear noises coming from that grey box in your basement? Some sounds might be more alarming than others, and you could have a big issue on your hands.

However, it could also be nothing!

It’s hard to determine whether or not to call an expert if you aren’t sure if you have an issue on your hands or not. Therefore, if you are hearing some strange noises, here are some things that might be causing them!

Banging Noises

Louder bangs and booms coming from your heating system aren’t a part of normal operation. If you hear something like a gunshot when you turn your furnace on, you should be worried because it could be a serious problem.

You may need to have a service expert clean your burners or have some issues with your furnace and duct work not being compatible.

There is a slight chance there could be a gas buildup.

Banging noises should not be ignored and we recommend calling for service.

Knowing the root cause lets you decide the next course of action, whether to repair it or buy a new unit completely.

Scraping Sounds

If you hear something that sounds like scraping metal, rattles, or clanks, your fan might be loose or broken. This sound will usually only occur when the furnace is operating.

The issue could simply be that a fan blade is bent and rubbing or more likely something is out of alignment and you’ll want to schedule a furnace repair.

Buzzing Noises

Buzzing noises usually indicate that there is something loose inside your HVAC system, often in the transformer or another electrical component.

This may not be as dangerous as a gas leak, but it will definitely be an annoying noise to listen to. Your furnace will need to work harder to keep the inside of your house comfortable with this sort of issue, which is why you should get this fixed right away.

It could just be the tightening of a loose bolt, but even so, make sure to have them inspect your system while they are at it. It’s always good to have someone check an issue if you are hearing strange noises in the case that it could be potentially dangerous.

You could also save yourself money. If your furnace is working harder and longer without making your living space comfortable, you will have to pay a lot more in energy costs.


Screeching noises most definitely should not be ignored. It could mean damage or a loose component in your blower belt, a malfunction in your blower motor, or maybe just a need for some lubrication.

Whatever it is, fixes like these will not be as time-consuming or costly, but it is important to take action if something out of the ordinary is happening.


Clicks and pops can mean a malfunction in your wiring or flame igniting. They could also mean a gas leak or that your burners could be plugged and need some maintenance.

Aside from those things, pops could also be an indication of air duct damage or that cleaning is needed. The situation can potentially be dangerous, so it’s best to get it checked out just in case.


If you see or hear something out of the ordinary with your HVAC system it’s best to call your local service experts at Temp-a-sure Heating and Air Conditioning.

Failure to take care of smaller issues immediately will possibly result in having to prematurely replacing your entire heating and air conditioning system.

For 24-hour HVAC repair services in North York, ON and the surrounding Toronto area, get in touch with us today! We’re ready to serve.