Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning On and off | Short Cycling

Oct 29, 2022

Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning On and off | Short Cycling

It’s no secret that many homeowners struggle with their heating and cooling systems. It can be incredibly frustrating to be spending your money on a heating or cooling system that is either over-or under-working. In many cases, homeowners end up with an expensive system that is not effective at all or a cheaper system that requires hours of work every day. But have you thought that this might not be the fault of your system? It might be time to consider the possibility that your system is not able to work well because it’s not properly installed, or something is blocking its way. If you find yourself constantly wondering why your furnace keeps cycling on and off, it might be time to give your system a closer look and see if there is something wrong with it. Your heating and cooling system is your most valuable asset, and you have to make sure that it’s running properly so that you can keep your family safe and comfortable. If you’re not sure what the causes of a cycling heating and cooling system are, here are nine possible reasons why your system might be turning on and off.

Possible Causes of Short Cycling Furnace

To assist you with your furnace repair and servicing, we’ve compiled a list of the most common causes for your heating and cooling system to be cycling on and off.

1. Clogged Duct:

When your heating and cooling system is cycling on and off, one common cause is a clogged duct. This might be caused by a buildup of debris or by a clog in your drain or filter. If you have had a serious power outage or lost power completely, you might be experiencing temporary duct damage that is causing your system to overheat and over-compress. When this happens, the air begins to back up in the duct. This can cause thermal expansion in the duct itself, which can increase air pressure. If this happens, it can cause your system to malfunction. If you suspect that your ducts are damaged, call on our Furnace Repair in Toronto, ON services today to schedule an appointment for an inspection and repair.

2. Blocked Heat Register:

Another common cause of your heating and cooling system cycling on and off is that the register is blocked. If your system runs all the time and never seems to cool or heat, you might need to look at your vent and register to see if something is blocking it. Sometimes children and pets might crawl into the vents, or a clog might happen because of a change in the weather. Furthermore, duct registers being crucial for your heating and cooling system; it is important to keep it in good working condition at all times. But often they get closed accidentally by the children or pets or get blocked by some furniture. So it is always better to check your vent before installing your indoor unit. If you see that your vent is blocked, simply clean it or unblock it, and your system will be back in working condition in no time.

3. Blocked Exhaust Vent:

Another possible cause of your furnace cycling on and off is a blocked exhaust vent. When you have a blocked vent, your furnace will be unable to exhale the hot air from your home. This can cause your furnace to overheat and may result in a malfunction. If you suspect that your exhaust vent is clogged, it is vital that you call for help immediately. An overworked heating and cooling system can cause major issues and may even result in a fire or electrocution. We would never recommend that you do any repairs yourself. You should always call a professional to assist you with these repairs. To get in touch with our Heating Repair in Toronto, ON professionals, contact us today!

4. Thermostat Issues:

A thermostat is one of the main components of your heating and cooling system. Without this part, your system would not be able to function at all. Sometimes, there can be problems with your thermostat that are causing it to overheat and turn on and off in an effort to regulate the temperature. If your thermostat has a faulty temperature sensor or is placed in the wrong spot, it will be unable to regulate the temperature, and therefore your system will overheat, and your heating and cooling system will turn on and off. Our Furnace Repair in Toronto, ON experts, can come to your home to inspect your thermostat and determine if it is indeed at fault. If found faulty, we can then replace it with a new one that will provide reliable temperature regulation for your system.

5. Oversized Furnace:

We all desire comfort and efficiency in our homes, but when it comes to your heating and cooling system, there is a fine line between what is too little and what is too much. If you have an oversized furnace in your home, it can cause problems with your cooling and heating system. This is because an oversized furnace, just because it’s BIG, doesn’t mean it’s powerful enough to warm your entire home. An oversized furnace can cause your heating and cooling system to cycle on and off in an effort to regulate the temperature. However, if your system is over-compressing because of an oversized furnace, you will notice that your system is starting to degrade faster, and your energy bills are increasing. If you are experiencing this, it’s time to call on our Furnace Repair in Toronto, ON team to help you. After a thorough inspection, we can determine if your furnace is oversized and your system is having issues because of it. We can also show you if you would be better off installing a smaller furnace that will be more effective for your home.

Troubleshooting Guide – What to Do?

If you are experiencing regular cycles on and off with your system, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. First, check the thermostat to see if it is malfunctioning. Next, check the ductwork to see if there is any damage. You don’t want anything that can cause your duct to not work properly. If you notice any dents or holes, call our Furnace Repair in Toronto, ON team to come and repair the problem. Our professionals will also look out for all other common and uncommon problems with your heating and cooling system that may be causing your system to turn on and off to ensure that it is working properly.

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