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Dutcless Air Con Installation

The easiest way to bring comfort to your home is with a ductless split system air conditioner. Easy maintainance, savings on bills and quick Ductless AC Installation.

Save with a ductless air conditioning unit.

Ductless ACs provide central air comfort without costly or difficult duct installation, making them a great option.

Ductless air conditioning installation is perfect for older homes, home additions, garages, attic conversions, and more. Installing a ductless air conditioner is an energy-efficient choice compared to window units or traditional central air.

There are several reasons to install a ductless air conditioner. These include:

Adding air conditioning to a house with no existing ductwork

Adding a home addition with its own cooling needs

Looking for high-efficiency cooling options

Supplementing an existing system to handle specific cooling issues

Upgrade to comfort and flexibility – purchase your cutting-edge ductless air conditioning unit from Tempasure today and experience personalized climate control at its finest!

Tempasure carries a wide variety of mini-split systems and can install them anywhere in Toronto. We take the time to make sure your ductless system is the appropriate size for your home before advising you on a plan of action.

Ductless AC Installation tempasure

Our installation process:

We assess your needs

We perform a thorough analysis of your home

We present you with several options for the best results

We install your chosen ductless air conditioning system

We thoroughly go over the operating instructions of your new ductless mini-split

We ensure you are completely satisfied with your new installation

We clean up after ourselves, leaving your home exactly as it was before we arrived

Energy efficiency

In this time of skyrocketing utility costs in Toronto, the most attractive thing about the H2i® hyper heat systems are its significant cost-savings. H2i® systems operate on much less power than traditional air conditioning, and allow homeowners to cool only select occupied rooms rather than the whole home. This results in a much smaller carbon footprint.

Instant Hot Start

Without letting the system run idle to heat up, Mitsubishi designed their hyper heat systems to deliver instant hot air to your room. Once you turn your ductless unit on, it starts heating your room immediately. Book your Ductless AC Installation Today.

Cost savings

H2i® systems allow for exceptional home comfort at minimal cost. In addition to saving a lot in utility bills, they require less labor to install and are less expensive to maintain over time than central air conditioning.

Air quality

With traditional HVAC systems, it is easy for dust, mold, pet dander, and other airborne allergens to clog up air ducts, contaminate the air, and make you sick. In contrast, H2i® systems offers multi-stage filtration that drastically reduces air contaminates. Moreover, there is no need to worry about inconvenient annual duct cleanings.

What is the benefit of having a Ductless AC Installation?

One significant benefit over central air conditioning is that ductless systems allow individual cooling preferences on a per-room basis. Every room with an indoor unit installed can be set to a separate temperature because it does not tie to a central thermostat.

Ductless air conditioners are also much quieter because the outdoor unit performs the air conditioner’s main operation. There are also no ducts, added vents, or other fans to create noise. They are significantly quieter than window units that emit a constant drone as they operate in your home.

Ductless mini-split systems are fast to install, usually taking just one day with a professional installation company like Tempasure. A unit is placed outside your home and connected to several indoor units with only a few small holes drilled into the side of your home.

Ductless Air Conditioner & Split Aircon Installation Toronto

Because each indoor unit in a ductless system operates independently—you can turn each on or off as needed. The ductless air conditioner is efficient and allows you to control each room’s operation, giving you control over your energy savings.

Start saving on bills today! Switch to a ductless air conditioning system from Tempasure for efficient cooling that's easy on your energy costs.

Air conditioner remote operating

Hyper-Heating H2I® was designed by Mitsubishi specifically to keep your home comfortable while outside gets as low as -13° F. In fact, hyper heat models provide 100% of their rated capacity all the way down to 23° F. Meaning even if it’s below freezing outside, your mini-split won’t miss a beat heating your home.

The H2i® hyper heat systems use enhanced compressor systems to provide 76% of their capacity even when it’s -13° F outside. Any heat that’s still in the air, they’re able to pull out better than any other compressor to date. Mitsubishi’s main goal was to make sure you won’t need any supplemental heat sources to heat your home in the winter, even in the most extreme temperatures.

Ductless Air Conditioning Replacement

If you have an older air conditioning system, be it central air or a ductless mini-split system, Tempasure can come out and remove the old system and replace it with a newer, high-efficiency Ductless AC Installation.

We can remove or repurpose old ductwork and use the existing framework for a ductless system. If you are looking to have extra indoor units added to a ductless system, we can handle that as well, provided your current system can support them.

Our highly trained team will always go over all your options, making sure to point out those that will work best for your home. We will walk you through every step of the process to make the best-informed decision before moving forward with any replacement or installation.

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