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Why choose an American Standard central air conditioner?

American Standard Air Conditioner
American Standard Air Conditioner

Why choose an American Standard central air conditioner?

As a company that proudly claims that it installs American Standard HVAC equipment including the top quality furnaces, air conditioners and also heat pumps. American Standard go back into a long history. They were established in the late 1800s and initially gained recognition for making toilets and other bathroom fixtures. Later, they expanded into the heating and cooling industry.

In today’s time, American Standard stands among the industry’s best HVAC manufacturers and here are just some of the reasons why we recommend our customers to use their products. The question that most of the people ask are:

Are American standard ac units good?

Yes they are one of the best products in this field.

American Standard has developed a strong reputation over the years for producing some of the highest quality and most reliable HVAC equipment. One reason for that is that the American standard has some of the strictest and the most thorough testing standards in the industry.

Each new furnace, air conditioner and heat pump has to undergo around 2600 hours of rigorous testing at the company’s systems extreme environmental testing (also popularly known as SEET) laboratory to make sure that they are built to last.

We test the units in harsh weather conditions to ensure they work well in any environment. This testing has helped the company to make sure that the company’s products work much better in even extreme heat and cold than any other brand that competes at the same level.

Award winning products:

The products that American Standards produce are among the very best in its own industry, and this is evidenced by the numerous awards and recognitions the has received through the products. Consumer reports and research magazines consistently rate American Standard as a top brand for product reliability and customer satisfaction.

American Standard is consistently rated highly for both product reliability and customer satisfaction by consumer reports and research magazines. In fact, consumer reports readers have named American Standard air conditioners, furnaces and also heat pumps as the most reliable brand multiple times in just the past decade. 

No matter if it’s air conditioning, heating and refrigeration (AHCR) News magazine, the leading HVAC industry publication, has also named some American standard products like the Accucomfort Platinum 20 heat pumps as they won the Gold award in the residential equipment category in the organization’s annual dealer design awards. 

Affordability and the excellent value for the value of money spent:

Another great thing about American Standards that makes it different is that the company is strongly committed to providing the top notch quality products at an affordable and reasonable price. Some of the American Standard products don’t even cost slightly more than what the other brands offer, but you also get what you paid for. Nonetheless, if you are low on budget right now, you can find some American Standard’s products that are among the most affordable options in the whole market. 

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