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Furnace Installation

Get the Most from Your New Heating System with Expert Furnace Installation

A new high efficiency furnace is a substantial investment that gives a great return by saving you energy and fuel costs in the long. At the same time, you have a better furnace that produces more even, comfortable heating in your home. Yet, an improperly installed furnace can’t give you the efficiency and warmth it was designed to provide. For that reason alone, it’s imperative that you look for a reputable HVAC company in North York to provide expert furnace installation. Our Tempasure HVAC technicians are proficient in installing all the furnaces we carry. With our installers taking care of the work, you can sit back and relax.

What Does It Take to Install a Furnace Properly?

Many people try to install their new furnace on their own. All too often, they make mistakes that reduce the unit’s efficiency, keep it from providing reliable, even heating, or cause safety issues in their homes. Sometimes, they get so frustrated with the job that they give up. As it turns out, there’s a lot that goes into a furnace installation.

First, the technician must help you decide where to locate the furnace in your home. Then, they may have to prepare the area by laying down rubber isolation pads or putting the furnace on blocks. Next, they connect the ducting system and seal connections with metal tape or duct sealant. They also have to connect the exhaust and intake pipes, ensuring that they’re properly sloped to allow condensation to drain. While connecting the gas supply, they need to use extra caution and check for leaks. Another step is connecting the electricity, being mindful of polarity. After hooking up the condensate drain, it’s time for a thorough after-installation check.

Trust the HVAC Specialists for Your Furnace Installation

Our highly qualified and experienced furnace installers help you make the most of your new furnace. By installing your furnace according to the standards recommended by the manufacturer, they make sure that your furnace performs as expected. They work safely and set your furnace up to run safely for the long term as well. When the installation is complete, your home will be cozy and comfortable. You can relax, knowing that your investment in a new furnace was completely worthwhile.

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