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Gas Fireplace Installation

Experience the convenience and warmth of a gas fireplace installation by Tempasure—where comfort and ambiance meet modern efficiency in your home.

Transform your space with warmth and ambiance!

Fireplaces remain one of the top selling points for new homes. Homes with fireplaces have always seemed to carry more charm than those without.

However, choosing a fireplace can be a little overwhelming with all the choices on the market today, but our thorough guide on Regency’s fireplace products will help you decide.

Regency manufactures a full line of Gas, Wood, Pellet and Electric fireplace products including inserts, stoves, fireplaces and outdoor units. Proudly built in North America for over 40 years & backed by industry leading warranties.

Gas fireplaces are perfect for those looking for all the ambiance of a traditional wood burning fireplace without all of the work. With advances in both style and technology, gas fireplaces are now able to even more closely replicate the look and feel of wood.

Opting for a gas fireplace offers several advantages over a traditional wood-burning fire. Gas fires provide convenience and ease of use without the hassle of procuring and storing firewood or cleaning up ashes.

They offer instant ignition and precise temperature control at the touch of a button or remote, ensuring immediate warmth without the wait or effort involved in starting and maintaining a wood fire.

Gas fires are also cleaner, producing fewer emissions and minimizing indoor air pollutants compared to wood fires, making them a more environmentally friendly option. 

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Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you want the warmth of a real fire without having to manage a real wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace insert could be right for you. Gas Fireplace inserts are an easy solution for replacing an old, existing Wood-Burning Fireplace opening. These inserts require little in the way of maintenance and are far more efficient than the fireplaces they are replacing, Gas Fireplace Inserts vent exclusively out of the chimney which will eradicate drafts, increasing your home’s efficiency.

Regency’s line of gas fireplace inserts are made to fit up to 95% of existing wood fireplaces with contemporary or traditional designs available. Regency inserts are the most efficient way to fix cold chimney drafts, lower your home heating bill and update the look of a room.Choose from Regency’s range of direct vent gas fireplace inserts that suits your budget and needs.

Gas fireplace tempasure

Gas fires offer a convenient, efficient, and cleaner alternative to traditional wood fires, providing warmth and ambiance with greater convenience and fewer maintenance demands.

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