4 Common Questions on Ductless Air Conditioners

Oct 29, 2022

4 Common Questions on Ductless Air Conditioners

4 Common Questions on Ductless Air Conditioners

We’ve noticed that more and more homeowners are looking into ductless air conditioners as an option to cool their homes. These air conditioners are efficient and great to install in a variety of different conditions, including smaller homes and home additions. But are they right for you? To help you decide we thought we’d answer the top four questions we receive about ductless air conditioners.

1. Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Need to be Vented?

A ductless air conditioner does not need ductwork and it does not need vents. You might think: then where does the heat the system draws go? It’s a good question. Like other air conditioners, a ductless mini-split creates cool air by drawing heat into its refrigerant. The system then runs the refrigerant to the outdoor unit through a small line and only outside is the heat extracted and released.

Ductless air conditioners are electric, which means they don’t need venting for exhaust the way that a gas appliance does. This makes them simpler to install than gas appliances and means they take up less room in the walls.

2. How Efficient are Ductless Air Conditioners?

Compared to your average room air conditioner, a ductless mini-split air conditioner is thirty percent more effective. As the system does not use ductwork, none of the cold air is lost through transfer in the ductwork. You may find that your system is even more efficient if you use zone cooling. By only cooling the section of the home that you’re in, you can save substantially on cooling costs without impacting your comfort.

While ductless air conditioners are very efficient, your home’s layout might not lend well to them. It is important to talk about your options with an HVAC technician .

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3. How Do You Clean Mould from Ductless Air Conditioners?

You can wipe mould off a ductless air conditioner , when it is turned off, with a damp cloth. You may want to use a mild cleaning solution to prevent the mould and kill mould spores. If you happen to have an air purifier, running it in the room with the ductless air conditioner can help reduce the mould spores in the air.

However, mould growth on your ductless air conditioner is a good reason to call your HVAC technician. We can fix humidity issues and drainage problems, which are likely the cause of mould growth.

4. How Do You Hide Ductless Air Conditioners?

It is challenging to hide a ductless air conditioner. Placing furniture in front of the unit will significantly reduce its effectiveness and its efficiency. You can, however, place ductless mini-splits into recessed, corners, or place them into certain cabinets. It is best to run this design by your HVAC technician to ensure it is safe and won’t impact how cold your home gets.

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