How Does New HVAC Increase Home Value in Toronto?

Oct 29, 2022

How Does New HVAC Increase Home Value in Toronto?

How Does New HVAC Increase Home Value in Toronto?

Homeowners that are looking to complete some home renovation and home improvement projects before they sell rarely think about their HVAC system . However, that’s a shame, because the impact of HVAC on home value in Toronto can be huge. Here’s some important information for anyone thinking of upgrading their HVAC in Toronto.

Neglected HVAC

The biggest impact that HVAC can have on your home value is to drag it down. Old, inefficient and broken equipment can be a huge concern to those who are considering buying your home. While you may think it would be convenient for buyers to simply replace the old equipment with new appliances of their choice, the truth is that few people want to deal with that hassle.

And many homebuyers are using all of their available capital to put the down payment on the home. That means they may not be able to afford a new furnace or air conditioner at all.

As the seller, your real estate agent will probably strongly advise you to upgrade your home’s HVAC in order to attract more buyers and ensure that you get the best price possible for your home.

New Furnace

When you’re choosing a new furnace to maximize the value of your home it is smart to pick a high-efficiency furnace . Green home features are very appealing to home buyers in Toronto, so choosing something that will help save energy and also help keep the monthly utility costs for your home low, will help attract buyers.

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New Air Conditioner

Does your home need a new air conditioner instead? In our climate, buyers care just as much about having a cool and comfortable home in the summer as they do having a warm one in the winter. You can attract more buyers and appeal to the energy-conscious by adding a new air conditioner to the home.

Exactly how much will a new air conditioner add? Estimates range and may go as high as 10% of the home’s value. However, you don’t need to leave your investment to chance. A real estate agent can tell you how much more your home might be valued at if you change your air conditioning system.

Your Market’s Needs and Wants

When you’re buying a new HVAC unit for your home you should try to predict your buyer’s needs. Buying the cheapest, or most expensive option might sound best to you. But if you’re upgrading your home just to improve value then you should consider what kind of buyer might choose your home and what they would want.

A real estate agent can help you assess this, but in general, you should consider whether the person buying your home is expecting the best value, high-end features, or has some other niche need.

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