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4 Signs Your Windows are Leaking Air

Windows are Leaking Air
Windows are Leaking Air

4 Signs Your Windows are Leaking Air

Windows might be the least energy-efficient part of your home. Glass isn’t nearly as insulative as the insulation in your walls. And, while there are newer and more energy-efficient windows, yours may still be leaking air. Below, we’ll show you the four signs that your windows are leaking air. We’ll also explain how to check if your windows are leaking air more actively.

1. Your Energy Bills are Increasing

Of course, there are many reasons that your energy bills could increase. But those who keep a careful eye on their bill year-over-year, who see a rise and can’t otherwise explain it, are wise to suspect their windows. Even minor changes in their integrity can be reflected on your bill. Of course, you will want to confirm your windows are a problem before you invest in fixing them.

2. The Frames or Caulking are Damaged

You can’t see air, but you can see the condition of your window frames and the caulking that is used to help seal them. Holes in the frames and bent frames are both issues. Dried caulking that has begun to flake or chip off and missing caulking are also both problems. Sometimes these issues can be solved with additional caulking, but sometimes doing so is a waste of time and it is better to replace the windows.

3. Sound Proofing Isn’t Great

Older windows leak more air. They also allow more sound into your home with that air. If you feel like your home isn’t well-insulated from the sound around it, then you may have windows that are either very old or which are leaking. Adding new windows or fixing gaps can help limit the sound that gets in your home along with the air.

4. Condensation Issues

In this context, condensation is when small amounts of water gather on the inside of your windows. Sometimes condensation is just the natural result of the weather outside. Other times it is the result of air leaks, when cold and warm air mix and cause the water in the air to condensate. While you can troubleshoot if condensation on the part of the window you can touch is really a problem with the window or something else, condensation inside the window, between the two panes of glass, is certainly a window leak.

How to Check if Your Windows are Leaking Air

When you suspect you have a window leak issue, you can do things like walk around and feel for a draft, especially using a visual indicator like a candle or a thin piece of paper. However, it is much better to get a professional test to check for leaking air and those same professionals will be able to offer solutions. You can also get the professionals to test for other things that may be impacting your home’s energy efficiency.

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