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Why is my boiler leaking water?

boiler leaking
boiler leaking

Why is my boiler leaking water?

Three things you should check to prevent the leakage

Don’t panic if your boiler is leaking water Tempasure is here to assist you, but firstly check these 3 things to prevent the boiler from leaking water.

The average working life of a boiler is around 20 years after the manufacture date, however, we recommend making sure that your machine has no major problems by checking it once or twice every single year. Leaving spot checks and annual maintenance to chance could mean the expense of a new boiler when you least expect it.

Sometimes boilers that are old need small repairs to perform at their best. Boilers leaking water might also be an early indicator of some big issues which are still in their early stages. 

It’s critical to respond as soon as you discover a leak to stop things from getting out of control. Although you might think of a water leak as a major issue, it’s actually one of the simplest issues you can handle on your own. Most leaks can be due to the following reasons:

  • Loose Joints:

Boilers work on a technology that allows them to contract and expand as the temperature inside changes from hot to cold. Newly installed boilers might also need tightened joints. 

If you are seeing your boiler leaking water, check all the joints and fitting of them. Make sure to check every pipe that goes in or out of the boiler. 

When you find the spot where the leakage originated from, use a cloth to dry the targeted area and then check again if the water is still leaking through the same spot. If the issue arising is from the boiler pipework, then a quarter turn will sometimes be able to fix it. Otherwise you can call one of our team at Tempasure to fix your boiler for you. 

  • Damage to the body or the seals:

Since boilers are supposed to contract and expand, overtime after continuous expanding and contracting. This may lead to the cracks and damages to the boiler that makes the water leakage happen. If you find cracks on the body, then it’s time for a new replacement. 

Damaged seals may also lead to a boiler leaking water. After years of continuous use, rubber seals harden or fall apart. 

If you have recently bought a new boiler and suspected damage to seals, then it could be that your boiler has been working under overpressure. If you suspect these problems then it is recommended to call for professional help. 

  • Pressure Issues:

This is the most typical cause of water leaks from your boiler. Every boiler has a unique output pipe installed in order to allow the excess pressure to be released. 

In order for the excess pressure to escape through the pipe, the outlet pipe is put together without sealed fittings. This may result in occasional leaks of water. If your leak is coming out of the outlet pipe then there is nothing that you have to worry about.

But if there is a lot of water coming out of the outlet then it means that there’s too much pressure inside of the boiler. Check the boiler’s gauge needle, if it’s green or red. If it’s green then don’t worry but if it’s  red then you need to call a professional. 

After confirming these three frequent solutions, if your leaking issue still persists, give us a call and a qualified expert from Tempasure will come out to you. 

The team at Tempasure Heating and Cooling can help. Reach out to us today , we would love to chat, and see how we can make you more comfortable.